From Åland to Ankara: European Quality of Government Index: 2013 Data, Sensitivity Analysis and Final results

This paper presents the latest version of the European Quality of Government Index (‘EQI’). The data builds on a previously published data from 2010 (Charron, Lapuente and Rothstein 2013; Charron, Dijkstra and Lapuente 2013). Based on the largest regionally-focused survey to date, collected in the spring of 2013, the EQI 2013 is draws on over 84,000 respondents in 212 NUTS 1 and NUTS 2 regions in 24 countries. Together with national estimates from the World Bank Governance Indicators (Kaufmann, Kraay and Mastruzzi 2009), we report data on Quality of Government (‘QoG’) for all EU 28 countries, Turkey and Serbia, for a total of 236 political units. In addition, we present sur-vey data for 6 regions in Ukraine. The QoG questions are aimed at capturing average citizens’ perceptions and experiences with corruption, and the extent to which they rate their public services as impartial and of good quality.