Corruption: Good Governance Powers Innovation


By: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi Many believe innovation can lead the way out of the present economic crisis. In Europe and the United States leaders have repeatedly referred to the importance of innovation, research and education to sustaining economic growth. Former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said in his last state of Europe address  ”I believe many […]

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ANTICORRP Researchers Published in New Handbook of Political Corruption


A new volume, the Routledge Handbook of Political Corruption, has just been published and includes a number of chapters by ANTICORRP researchers.  Edited by project researcher Paul Heywood, the volume provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues involved in the analysis of corruption.  Comprising 24 chapters, all specially commissioned for the volume, by a range […]

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Doublethink, Russian Style

Photo credit: Co Creatr, Flickr

Picture the following scenario: A top Russian manager advocates for equal opportunities and, when hiring new employees, insists upon relying only on their professional competences. In this way, he has given chances to a formerly drug-addicted young man and a young woman with dwarfism. The same manager does not extend the same opportunities to homosexual […]

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