Print press representations of corruption: topics, professional models and journalism procedures

The in-depth study conducted through Human-Assisted Content Analysis (HACA) on a sample of the collected articles proves the findings derived from our previous Computer-Assisted Content Analysis (CACA). There are some minor deviations, mostly depending on the specific selected days, but it can be stated that our sample is generally a good representation of all newspaper articles on corruption published in the period 2004 – 2013, confirming in large measure the findings of our previous investigation. Therefore, in this report, we will highlight specific findings not emerging from the CACA analysis and, at the same time, we shall try to go deeper into some of the findings of that previous study that the human-assisted content analysis now allows us to clarify and to complete. After all, the CACA analysis served as an exploratory study to indicate issues that could be the subject of deeper investigation. In this first part of the report, we shall address the content of the news articles on corruption and the emerging professional models of journalism.

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