Human Assisted Content Analysis of the print press coverage of corruption in Hungary

Coverage of corruption in the Hungarian media was analysed for four online news portals, Magyar Nemzet Online (short name: MNO, web:, Népszava (web: and Heti Világgazdaság (web: and Origo (web: The first three have both online and printed versions. MNO is considered a centre-right elite/general portal, HVG may be considered a center-left, economics-focused newspaper, while Népszava is a centre-left elite/general medium. Origo does not have a precise political affiliation; it is considered here a neutral, tabloid-like portal due to its variety of entertainment-focused content, but it has a more professional journalistic style than most tabloids, especially in the case of political (domestic and international) articles. In the following section we describe the news portals separately, but refer to the typologies by political affiliation and by media typology.

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