Report on institutional performance and corruption in Bosnia, Kosovo, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, ussia, Tanzania, Turkey and Japan

The report draws on ethnographic research undertaken in 8 countries which are the object of investigation by WP4 partners, namely: Italy, Hungary, Bosnia, Russia, Turkey, Kosovo, Tanzania and Mexico. An additional chapter (Annex 2) will render the case of Japan which will serve as a contrast on which to assess ideas and practices of governance and institutional performance through an anthropological perspective. The report includes data gathered through a questionnaire survey undertaken, with minor differences, in all the eight countries included in WP4. The data analyzed comparatively refer to three main fields: perceived and experienced performance of local institutions, local problem and resolution ideas, sociocultural norms and values. We have identified, following the anthropological literature, a number of cultural issues that are in relation with corruption, or with local citizens’ experiences of the functioning of public institutions in their countries. This first WP4 deliverable constitutes an attempt to draw some preliminary conclusions on the interaction between sociocultural features and governance (both as experienced and perceived) which will be further and ethnographically explored in the final deliverable of this work package.

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