ANTICORRP Policy Reports

This deliverable presents all ANTICORRP policy reports that were published throughout the five year project period. While the individual reports can also be found on this website, this deliverable exemplifies the diversity and breadth of the ANTICORRP project and its efforts to compile policy relevant research.

Contributing authors are:
Acar, M., A. Bozzini, R. Bratu, N.Charron, E. Dávid-Barett, V. Dimulescu, M. Doroftei, U. Emek, M.Fazekas, J.Gutierréz Chvalkovská, S. Karaboev, A. Kasemets, L. Khatib, L.P. King, R. M.B. Kukutschka, V. Lapuente, P.A. Lukács, A. Mungiu-Pippidi, M. Podumljak, R. Pop, C. Pring, B. Rothstein, S. Sberna, J. Skuhrovec, R. Stefanov, A. Stoyanov, I.J. Tóth, Transparency International, A. Vanucci, B. Velcheva, A. Wilson, T. Yalamov, D. Zinnbauer

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