International Conference on the History of Anticorruption

The International Conference on the History of Anticorruption is the culminating event of ANTICORRP’s Work Package 2: History of corruption in comparative perspective. Its main goal is to provide the broadest possible historical overview of corruption and anticorruption and to stimulate a creative exchange of ideas between political, social and cultural historians specialising on various aspects of government and political organisation. The twenty-one papers in this conference, which will be circulated in advance, cover the history of anticorruption from Classical Antiquity to the second half of the twentieth century, combining a strong scholarly focus on British, French, German, Dutch and Scandinavian history with novel contributions on less well-studied regions and historical periods, such as Ancient Greece and Rome, medieval and early modern Iberia and Italy, the medieval Middle East, the late Ottoman Empire and the Romanian Principalities from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.

The conference venue will be announced shortly. Attendance is free, subject to available seating. For enquiries, please contact or

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