Policy Papers with Recommendations

Type: · Author(s): Salvatore Sberna, Alberto Vannucci, Nadya Stoynova, Atanas Rusev, Maria Yordanova · Published:
These two policy papers are looking at organised crime the trafficking of women respectively and how they relate to corruption. Policy Paper 1: Organised crime and Political Corruption Based on recent trends and patterns across EU Member States (MS), this policy paper with recommendations aims at investigating the strategies and initiatives that are already in […] Read More

Integrated report

Type: · Author(s): Salvatore Sberna and Alberto Vannucci, Tihomir Bezlov, Dimitar Markov, Maria Karayotova, Ana Hećimović, Iva Nenadić, Munir Podumljak, Péter Gyimesi, Szidónia Nagy, Boróka Pápay, Zoltán Szántó, István János Tóth, Edona Krasniqi · Published:
This integrated report investigates the link between political corruption and organised crime, by examining the modalities, resources and strategies used by criminal groups to govern and/or capture the market of political corruption. On the one hand, the report looks at the infiltration of organised crime in three main policy sectors where public spending and regulations […] Read More