Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Type: · Author(s): Dr. Zaira Tiziana Lofranco · Published:
Corruption in Kosovo has been researched from a variety of perspectives with different methodologies and various research and policy goals in mind. Dominated by quantitative and positivistic studies, where social and historical contexts are seen as direct contributors to corruption, or disregarded at best, the said research takes for granted the need to understand and […] Read More

Report on institutional performance and corruption in Bosnia, Kosovo, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, ussia, Tanzania, Turkey and Japan

Type: · Author(s): Prof. Davide Torsello · Published:
The report draws on ethnographic research undertaken in 8 countries which are the object of investigation by WP4 partners, namely: Italy, Hungary, Bosnia, Russia, Turkey, Kosovo, Tanzania and Mexico. An additional chapter (Annex 2) will render the case of Japan which will serve as a contrast on which to assess ideas and practices of governance and institutional performance through an […] Read More

Volume 2: The Anticorruption Frontline

Type: · Author(s): Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (editor). Contributions by Alessandro Bozzini, Mihály Fazekas, Jana Gutierréz Chvalkovská, Lina Khatib, Lawrence Peter King, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Jirí Skuhrovec, Ruslan Stefanov, Alexander Stoyanov, István János Tóth, Boryana Velcheva, Andrew Wilson · Published:
From Turkey to Egypt, Bulgaria to Ukraine, and Brazil to India, we witness the rise of an angry urban middle class protesting against what they see as fundamental corruption of their political regimes, perceived as predatory and inefficient. Corruption is near the top of all global protesters’ list of grievances – from the Occupy movement to the […] Read More

Volume 1: Controlling Corruption in Europe

Type: · Author(s): Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (editor). Contributions by Roxana Bratu, Nicholas Charron, Valentina Dimulescu, Madalina Doroftei, Mihály Fazekas, Aare Kasemets, Lawrence Peter King, Roberto Martínez B. Kukutschka, Raluca Pop, István János Tóth · Published:
The first volume of the Anticorruption Report series provides a comprehensive analysis of causes and consequences of corruption in three European regions, presenting corruption risks for several European countries and concrete policy recommendations on how to effectively address those risks. Read More