ANTICORRP Policy Reports

Type: · Author(s): Monika Bauhr · Published:
This deliverable presents all ANTICORRP policy reports that were published throughout the five year project period. While the individual reports can also be found on this website, this deliverable exemplifies the diversity and breadth of the ANTICORRP project and its efforts to compile policy relevant research. Contributing authors are: Acar, M., A. Bozzini, R. Bratu, […] Read More

Corruption in Public Administration: An Ethnographic Approach

Type: · Author(s): M. Acar, C. Baez Camargo, E. Denisova-Schmidt, Z.T. Lofranco, N. Luci, M.G. Pezzi, R.M. Rivera, R.F Sambaiga, D. Torsello · Published:
Despite the growth in literature on political corruption, contributions from field research are still exiguous. This book provides a timely and much needed addition to current research, bridging the gap and providing an innovative approach to the study of corruption and integrity in public administration. Read More

Full data set of ethnographic studies prepared for integration with other WPs

Type: · Author(s): Muhittin Acar, Claudia Baez Camargo, Elena Denisova-Schmidt, Zaira Tiziano Lofranco, Nita Luci, Maria Giulia Pezzi, Rodrigo Megchún Rivera, Davide Torsello · Published:
This deliverable develops a novel approach to the study of corruption in public administrations by focusing on the analysis of ethnographic field data. Corruption is a complex topic which can be best tackled through an interdisciplinary perspective. In spite of the sophisticated theorizations and empirical (mostly quantitative) analyses, so far few attempts have been taken to […] Read More

Volume 3: Government Favouritism in Europe

Type: · Author(s): Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (editor). Contributions by Muhittin Acar, Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Valentina Dimulescu, Madalina Doroftei, Ugur Emek, Mihály Fazekas, Stefan Karaboev, Péter András Lukács, Roberto Martínez B. Kukutschka, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Munir Podumljak, Salvatore Sberna, Ruslan Stefanov, István János Tóth, Alberto Vannucci, Andrew Wilson, Todor Yalamov · Published:
This volume reunites the fieldwork of 2014-2015 in the ANTICORRP project. It is entirely based on objective indicators and offers both quantitative and qualitative assessments of the linkage between political corruption and organised crime using statistics on spending, procurement contract data and judicial data. The methodology used in the analysis of particularism of public resource distribution is applicable to […] Read More

Culture, Organizational Change and the Bounded Morality in the Hungarian Public Administration

Type: · Author(s): Davide Torsello · Published:
This paper deals with the analysis of ethnographic data on public administration cases in Hungary. The main focus is on the perception that public administrators have of integrity challenges, how far these influence their daily tasks, the most relevant changes introduced at the government and policy level, as well as the socio-cultural explanations that are […] Read More

Between condemnation and resignation: a study on attitudes towards corruption in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Type: · Author(s): Claudia Baez-Camargo · Published:
This contribution will provide ethnographic evidence from Tanzania on the complex web of social networks and interactions pervading in a context of endemic corruption. In the communities of Dar es Salaam that we studied, there is no ambiguity about the negative meaning and impact of corruption; it is clearly understood as a negation of rights […] Read More

Old regime habits die hard. Challenges to participatory governance in post-authoritarian Mexico

Type: · Author(s): Claudia Baez Camargo · Published:
This contribution will provide ethnographic evidence about the mechanisms that prevent the development and exercise of bottom up anti-corruption actions among indigenous communities in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is of wider relevance because many indigenous groups across Latin America share similar communal forms of association as well as experiences with their respective national […] Read More

Legitimation and normalization of corruption in the public administration in Turkey: cultural and institutional perspectives

Type: · Author(s): Muhittin Acar · Published:
This contribution constitutes one of the early research efforts taken adopting ethnographic perspectives and methodologies in conducting research on corruption in Turkey. As such, it aims to provide ethnographic evidence about the factors contributing to the ‘banality’/’normality’ of corruption in politics and administration in the country.  In other words, information and insight with regard to […] Read More

Party corruption (partijska korupcija) in the Bosnia and Herzegovina public employment system

Type: · Author(s): Zaira Tiziana LoFranco · Published:
This contribution will explore legal norms and cultural values that underpin corruptive practices in the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) public employment system. It will highlight pervasive importance of material issue in public and private discourses about corruption and how the latter is entrenched in rhetoric and practices of public and individual indebtedness. Data presented in […] Read More

The Making of Citizenship Against Corruption in Kosovo: Protest, Lies, and the Public Good

Type: · Author(s): Nita Luci · Published:
This contribution interrogates the ways in which public space and activist networks are linked together in protests against corruption in Kosovo. The contribution accounts for changes in the social order and values, particularly definitions of morality and legality, within the space of politics and social-economic transactions. Specifically it traces public protests against “lies” and “theft” (commonly used […] Read More