ANTICORRP Policy Reports

Type: · Author(s): Monika Bauhr · Published:
This deliverable presents all ANTICORRP policy reports that were published throughout the five year project period. While the individual reports can also be found on this website, this deliverable exemplifies the diversity and breadth of the ANTICORRP project and its efforts to compile policy relevant research. Contributing authors are: Acar, M., A. Bozzini, R. Bratu, […] Read More

Fighting Corruption in Modernity: A Literature Review

Type: · Author(s): Mette Frisk Jensen (Aarhus University and University of Gothenburg) and James Kennedy (University of Amsterdam) · Published:
Presented here is an overview on the literature of anticorruption efforts in the modern period, starting (in Denmark’s case) in the late seventeenth century, but with much of the focus beginning in the early nineteenth century and continuing into the early twentieth. The working assumption here, informed by considerable literature on the subject, is that […] Read More

Corruption in Premodernity, East and West: A Literature Review

Type: · Author(s): G. Geltner and Maaike van Berkel (University of Amsterdam) · Published:
The premise of ANTICORRP’s History Work Package (2) is that a comparative historical perspective on fighting corruption remains a desideratum. This is especially true regarding the pre-modern world, by which we broadly mean the era prior to the rise of the centralized nation state, with its relatively homogeneous legal system, extensive bureaucracy, advanced technology and […] Read More