Challenges to Democracy and Anti-Corruption in Turkey

ANTICORRP partner Hacettepe University, together with Transparency International (TI) Turkey, (Uluslararası Şeffaflık Derneği) held a day-long conference in Istanbul on 7 April 2016. Und the headline “How is Turkey Being Governed? Principles of Governance Institutions in Turkey” the conference offered a comprehensive agenda featuring prominent speakers and an wide-ranging audience, including representatives of international organizations, […] Read More

2016, the Decisive Year for Public Integrity Reform in Romania

On 25 February, ANTICORRP partner Romanian Academic Society (SAR), together with the Chancellery of the Romanian Prime-Minister, and the Ministry of Justice, organized a conference titled “2016, the Decisive Year for Public Integrity Reform,” looking at the state of public integrity in Romania and what can be done to improve the control of corruption. The […] Read More

How history can help us think about corruption and anticorruption

It's Throwback Thursday with our researcher at the University of Amsterdam showing us how they use history to explain corruption and anticorruption. Ronald Kroeze and André Vitória analyse how anticorruption practices changed across space and time, bringing out their diversity and continuity and to enhance our understanding of how modern Western governments developed in the way that they did. Read More