Integrity and Integrity Management in Public Life

Type: · Author(s): Paul M Heywood, Heather Marquette, Caryn Peiffer, Nieves Zúñiga · Published:
1. Integrity in public life is an essential component in establishing trust between citizens and their governments. However, over recent decades there has been increasing concern worldwide that standards of integrity are in decline. In part, that concern reflects a parallel focus on corruption as a core threat to good governance. The two concepts – […] Read More

Country comparative studies on the institutional organization of governments

Type: · Author(s): Monika Bauhr, Marcia Grimes, Nicholas Charron, Roxana Bratu, Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos, Maya Stoyanova, Maria Gustavson, Aksel Sundström, Agnes Cornell, Frida Boräng, Christian Schuster, Mihály Fazekas, Victor Lapuente, Lena Wängnerud, Salvador Parrado, Bo Rothstein, Marina Nistotskaya, Helena Stensöta, Mattias Agerberg, Richard Svensson · Published:
This deliverable presents research on the institutional organization of governments and how these affect both horizontal, vertical and societal accountability. Horizontal accountability refers to when government bodies hold other government bodies to account, vertical accountability refers to when citizens hold government accountable through elections, and societal accountability refers to when citizens and civil society associations […] Read More

Country Comparative Study on electoral accountability, civil society mobilization (societal accountability), and top down efforts

Type: · Author(s): Andreas Bågenholm, Stefan Dahlberg, Maria Solevid, Nicholas Charron, Seán Hanley, Allan Sikk, Philipp Köker, Donatella Della Porta, Alice Mattoni, Andrea L.P. Pirro, Loris Caruso, Nieves Zúñiga, Paul M. Heywood · Published:
The research presented in this deliverable covers three types of approaches to mitigating corruption: electoral accountability, civil society mobilization (societal accountability), and top down efforts by a regime to deal with its own corruption. The main findings are: Corruption does not, in contrast to what previous research suggests, always depress electoral turnout, which allows for […] Read More

ANTICORRP Policy Reports

Type: · Author(s): Monika Bauhr · Published:
This deliverable presents all ANTICORRP policy reports that were published throughout the five year project period. While the individual reports can also be found on this website, this deliverable exemplifies the diversity and breadth of the ANTICORRP project and its efforts to compile policy relevant research. Contributing authors are: Acar, M., A. Bozzini, R. Bratu, […] Read More

Technical report describing main survey results

Type: · Author(s): Monika Bauhr, Carl Dahlström, Marcia Grimes, Maria Gustavson, Victor Lapuente · Published:
Without strong and well-functioning accountability systems, corruption moves in and risks becoming the modus operandi in political and public life. While a simple proposition in the abstract, accountability systems may encompass a panoply of government rules, organizational structures, modes of operation, agencies, offices and mandates, and the effectiveness of these may be contingent upon the […] Read More