Economy, corruption or floating voters? Explaining the breakthroughs of anti-establishment reform parties in eastern Europe

Type: · Author(s): Se├ín Hanley, Allan Sikk · Published:
This paper discusses a new group of parties that we term anti-establishment reform parties (AERPs), which combine moderate social and economic policies with anti-establishment appeals and a desire to change the way politics is conducted. We analyse the electoral breakthroughs of AERPs in central and eastern Europe (CEE), the region where AERPs have so far […] Read More

Mapping the Regional Divide in Europe: A Measure for Assessing Quality of Government in 206 European Regions

Type: · Author(s): Nicholas Charron, Lewis Dijkstra, Victor Lapuente · Published:
Do aspects of quality of government, broadly defined, such as corruption, impartiality, and quality of public services, vary below the country level? The concept of quality of government (QoG) and various measures to assess it have become more ubiquitous in several social science disciplines. QoG is related with economic and social development, better environmental conditions, […] Read More