Fighting Corruption, What Works and What Does Not

Speaking at OECD in Paris on 19 March 2014, at the Forum on Integrity within the Integrity Week program, ERCAS director Alina Mungiu-Pippidi shared evidence from the ANTICORRP program showing that government favoritism is structured on political lines in new democracies and bribe is frequently a way to open markets as multinational companies try to compete with domestic, politically connected companies. Read More

Launch of the new book series: The Anticorruption Report

Kicking off a series of annual policy-oriented publications originated from the European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) research project ANTICORRP, the volume Controlling Corruption in Europe has been now released in partnership with Barbara Budrich Publishers. Read More

ANTICORRP 2nd General Meeting in Florence Discusses Project Developments

Researchers from ANTICORRP’s 21 consortium members met to present and discuss their activities and preliminary research results during the project’s first year, with the participation of leading scholars in the field that compose the project’s external Advisory Board. The next steps in the project and their expected contribution were also discussed. Read More