Why do some countries comply with the Group of States against Corruption and others do not? A study of political finance international norms and domestic reform

This paper seeks to explore why some states respond to and comply with international and regional standards for the regulation of political financing whereas other countries do not. For this purpose, it builds on the third GRECO evaluation round, which has taken up the issue of political party funding, with reference to the Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation (2003) 4 on common rules against corruption in the funding of political parties and electoral campaigns (Committee of Ministers, 2003). In Anagnostou and Psychogiopoulou, 2015 we measured the degree of domestic compliance with this Recommendation before and after the supervision and monitoring performed by the GRECO in all the EU Member States. Building on our previous research, in this paper we seek to capture the factors and conditions that supported or by contrast undermined compliance with and implementation of the recommendations that the GRECO issued in the framework of its monitoring.

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