The Impact of EU Conditionality on Corruption Control and Governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This paper seeks to evaluate the impact of EU policy and funds aimed at improving governance and
controlling corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It examines the interrelation between EU
conditionality as expressed in different policy documents and the financial assistance provided by the
EU. The focus is on the period 2007‐13. It tracks the way in which the EU pursues democratic
conditionality in BiH, and examines cases that are deemed successes as well as those deemed
failures. It also considers how conditionality relating to the provision of EU funds is affected. It
evaluates conditionality in the light of BiH’s anti‐corruption performance during this period. The
paper draws conclusions as to the effectiveness of EU policy and financial assistance in the area of
anti‐corruption, with a view to informing the ongoing policy debate on how to strengthen EU
leverage in improving anti‐corruption efforts in aspiring member‐states, particularly in a post‐conflict

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