The website tendertracking.eu (kozpenzkereso.eu) is showing a database of public procurement contracts in Hungary graded by a corruption risk scorecard.

Its goal is to make every contract, issuer and winner and their assigned CRI (Corruption Risk Index) scores are available to the public with better accessibility than from official sources.

The CRI is a composite index of elementary corruption risk indicators checking for the presence of red flags in the life of the contract. More information is available in this working paper.

In all there are currently 72,535 public procurement contracts in the Tender Tracking Beta from 2005 to 2012. Future work will expand the database in both directions, including next-day inclusion for newly published contracts.

We believe that Tender Tracking Beta will improve general awareness of public procurement outcomes in Hungary, and provide an impetus for the government to improve the transparency of its operations. By supplying high quality data and information, we hope to create demand for more of the state from its citizens.

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