Research report: citizen action against corruption: patterns, drivers, entry points for mobilisation

People engagement has become an important strategic pillar for those reforming governance from the inside, as well as for anti-corruption organisations advocating reform from the outside. Work package 7 of the ANTICORRP research initiative puts the focus firmly on gaining a better understanding of the types of citizens who take action against corruption and the circumstances under which they do so, as well as the impact they achieve and the kinds of evidence-based promising pathways that are on the horizon for future such engagements. This research report summarises the findings of several complementary research strategies, examining in particular the role of the citizen as (a) a direct victim and witness of corruption, and thus a potential refuser, reporter, litigant or whistleblower on corrupt acts, and as (b) a potential volunteer in social accountability initiatives, donating his or her time, expertise and voice to help monitor budget spending, lifestyles, public works projects, etc.

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