Report on Hungary

The following report is based on data collected during ethnographic fieldwork, as a
part of the ANTICORRP project, Work Package 4 – The Ethnography of Corruption. In
particular, it deals with the results of a survey conducted in Hungary on a small sample of
103 inhabitants of the city of Budapest.
The aim of the survey is to collect information on how different areas of the public
and private life are perceived by the respondents, and in particular: public institutions, local
development, local customs, and values. The main focus of the questions is to investigate
how people deal with the problem of corruption (if perceived at all), its effects, practices,
social and cultural norms, as well as with the anti-corruption discourse, both at a local and
national level. It is important to stress that the word “corruption” itself is not directly used in
the survey, with one exception in section D, where it is used to address one of a series of
hypothetical scenarios.

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