Large scale, publicly accessible household survey dataset

Work package 7 is dedicated to better understanding how citizens experience and react to corruption and when, why and how they do or do not take action against it. We employ a number of research strategies to examine these questions, ranging from focus groups to action research. A central empirical element of our empirical strategy is a large-scale representative household survey in 25 European and Central Asian countries and a smaller number of comparator countries
The questions use and expand on the catalogue of questions that we have developed for our Global Corruption Barometer (GCB). The GCB questions explore in significant detail how people perceive and experience corruption in their countries. They have been developed and refined over more than 10 years of global implementation in up to 100 countries in close consultation with an expert advisory committee.  The GCB catalogue of questions is unique in the way it combines a high level of granularity (it queries respondents on the specific perception and experience with corruption across a range of public services and institutions) with a long-running  implementation cycle (most questions have been part of all nine waves implemented since 2003). This generates a unique opportunity for cross-country as well as over-time comparisons.

In order to examine in more detail how people relate to taking action against corruption

For the purpose of WP7 and in consultation with the ANTICORRP steering committee we have further expanded this set of questions to probe more deeply how people relate to taking action against corruption.  More specifically, we added a number of questions that probe the normative believes about specific corruption issues, individual perceptions with regard to the efficacy of different citizen actions against corruption and the practical experience with taking action against corruption.  To our knowledge this yields a more granular picture of believes, motivations and experience with taking action against corruption than comparable surveys of this scale and scope have so far attempted to capture.

The full questionnaire is appended to this document.

The full data from the GCB survey can be downloaded here:
· Europe & Central Asia
· Sub-Saharan Africa

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