Human Assisted Content Analysis of the print press coverage of corruption in Slovakia

Four daily newspapers (printed media) were selected for an in depth Human Assisted Content Analysis from all the selected article in the period 2004-2013. The newspapers published uninterruptedly in Slovakia at that time included (in alphabetical order) Hospodárske noviny (an economy daily), Nový Čas (a tabloid daily), Pravda (a quality daily), Sme (a quality daily), Šport- Niké (a sports daily), Új Szó (a daily in the Hungarian language) and a regional (eastern-Slovakian) daily Korzár. Of these, the first four were selected, based on a coordinated approach in consultation with other international teams. The underlying reason for the selection was to give a representation of two quality newspapers – ideally from different ideological backgrounds – plus one business newspaper, and one tabloid newspaper.

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