Executive summary and main findings of the Computer Assisted Content Analysis

In this deliverable, the results of the Computer-Assisted Content Analysis (CACA) will be illustrated. Studies conducted through dedicated software allow the analysis of a large body of data with a low/medium level of in-depth investigation. This is exactly the case for our CACA study: indeed, a total of 183.491 articles (Table 1) have been analysed in six countries: France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Slovakia. This is an extremely large number of articles representing a central point of our study. All articles published between 2004 and 2013 in four selected newspapers in each country have been extracted from the available sources and then analysed if they contained one of the following keywords:
– corruption
– bribe
– kickback
– collusion
– clientelism
– embezzlement
– favouritism
– nepotism
– familism

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