Corruption and trafficking in women. The case of Kosovo.

This report summarises research findings and main trends in human trafficking, and the potential links between trafficking and corruption in Kosovo. The research had two main goals: to examine the links between corruption and trafficking of women, and to identify consequences and impacts of corruption on the victims of trafficking. For the purpose of this study, desk research and face-to-face interviews with key informants were conducted.

Official data and information provided by the respondents testify to a decreasing trend of trafficking within Kosovo. However, trafficking of persons remains a problem despite government attempts to address the issue. While most of the trafficking cases are related to sexual exploitation, more government attention has been given to the identification of other forms of trafficking, particularly those related to working street children.

On the basis of the findings, this report provides a number of recommendations for improving anti-trafficking measures and their implementation, including: stricter enforcement of legislation, particularly the Criminal Code provisions on anti-trafficking; capacity development of relevant institutions in handling trafficking cases; provision of psycho-social and shelter services at the regional centres for the support of victims of trafficking and domestic violence.

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