Computer Assisted Content Analysis of the print press coverage of corruption in France

This analysis of the French coverage of corruption topics was conducted on Le Monde, Le Figaro, Ouest France and Les Echos. Le Monde is a quality newspaper, close to the centre-left political positions, with national but also international circulation, offering its readership both facts and opinions. Le Figaro, which is often considered the main competitor of Le Monde, is a quality newspaper with national circulation; its political line is centre-right. Ouest France is a regional newspaper focusing on local news and events in the regions of Brittany, Lower Normandy and Pais de la Loire. Despite addressing a local readership, Ouest France presents the highest circulation figures among French newspapers and is inclined towards conservatives and Christian democrats. Les Echos is a daily financial newspaper; although it exhibits a stance towards economic liberalism, Les Echos is not characterized by a clear political affiliation.

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