New Perspectives on the History of Corruption and Why They Are Important

Recently, the German historian Jens Ivo Engels published Die Geschichte der Korruption. Von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins 20.Jahrhundert (The history of corruption. From the early modern period to the 20th century). Engels is professor in early modern and modern history at Darmstadt University and has been writing about corruption for several years now. He […] Read More

Science to activism. The Anticorruption Frontline

Can social science impact policy in real time and offer relevant options for major problems that our societies face today? This is the challenge taken up by the policy pillar of the EU FP7 project ANTICORRP which deals with good governance and anticorruption policies. ANTICORRP is a five-year project based across 20 European universities and […] Read More

ANTICORRP Researchers Appear at APSA 2014

Why do some countries manage to control corruption while others continue to struggle? What can be learned from those countries that are successful in controlling corruption? ANTICORRP researchers presented research on this subject in a panel chaired by Larry Diamond of Stanford University and Marc F. Plattner of Journal of Democracy. Michael Johnston of Colgate […] Read More