Call for papers: Movements and Civil Society Actors against Corruption and Organized Crime

This panel aims at attracting empirical contribution on grassroots mobilizations against corruption and organized crime in the Global South and the Global North: therefore they have recently opened a call for papers.

In particular, they are interested in papers that: explore the organizational patterns, forms of protest, mobilization of resources, communication/mediation practices, and/or contentious discourses that civil society and social movement actors develop when mobilize against corruption and organized crime; investigate the role of institutional political actors, especially at the national and local level, in creating spaces for citizens` participations as well as participatory mechanisms of accountability, like for instance the Social Audit policies in India explain the outcomes of civil society and social movement actors mobilizations against corruption and organized crime, with particular attention to the outcomes at the level of policy making at the local and national level; discuss the methodological challenges that the study of such mobilizations, that span from high-risk and high-visibility protests to high-risk and low-visibility actions, imply for scholars approaching them. They welcome papers employing qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods approaches. Comparative studies, contrasting different mobilizations, different countries, and/or different periods of time are also welcome.

Paper proposals should be sent no later than Sep 13. You can find detailed info about how to submit a paper here: