How to Tackle Public Procurement (almost) Without Corruption: the Most Recent Scientific Findings

The School of Communication and Media, Slovakia (SKAMBA) will host a seminar in the context of WP8 on public procurement sharing recent findings mainly from Hungary and Denmark as well as from Bulgaria, Croatia,  Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and Slovakia. Several policy papers and recommendations, as well as the main findings from the country reports are translated into Slovak and can be found below.

Date and time: 5 June 2015, 13:00-16:00

Location: Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts, Grösslingova 53, Bratislava, Johnson Room (second building)

RSVP or for more information: Ľubica Adamcová, tel.: +421 948 018 134, e-mail:


Dr. István János Tóth, Hungary: “Risks of corruption in public procurement tenders in Hungary: the anti-corruption activity of the Hungarian Government”
Dr. Mette Frisk Jensen, Denmark: “How Denmark became the country with the lowest levels of corruption”
Dr. Andrej Školkay, Slovakia: “Risks of corruption in public procurement tenders in several European countries”
Dr. Dagmar Kusa, Slovakia: “The latest scientific findings regarding the fight against corruption”

1. Agenda - ANTICORRP seminar on public procurement

2. Report - Fight against corruption in the EU

3. Fight against corruptions - key findings

4. Methodology of research on corruption

5. Ten recommendations against corruption in general and with reference to the EU funds

6. Public procurement and EU funds in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic - key findings

7. Public procurement in construciton in Croatia and Bulgaria - key findings

8 Public procurement in construction in Romania - key findings

9. Public procurement in construction in Germany - key findings

10. Fight against corruption in Denmark - key findings

11. Civil Service in Hungary - overall situation and activities by the Government against corruption - key findings