EU Funds and the Path to Good Governance in Bulgaria and Romania: Lessons Learnt

Ten years after the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU, the challenge of corruption continues to define the two countries` status within the Union. The Round Table will look at the dynamics and evolution of EU funding, provided to the two countries in pursue of greater anticorruption progress and good governance reforms. What has been the impact of the EU financial support on governance and to what degree it has produced tangible results against corruption? Have EU funding rules contributed to greater transparency and efficiency in the public procurement process? Have EU funds been prioritized and committed to fighting corruption and related organized crime and to delivering judicial reforms? What are the lessons learnt and the way forward? What can Bulgaria’s experience teach the EU in improving its Enlargement and neighborhood policies in the Western Balkans and in Ukraine? The round table will present the results and recommendations of research from ANTICORRP, the biggest corruption-related research effort in social sciences and humanities in the history of EU in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Ukraine.


  • Malina Krumova, Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds
  • Roxana Bratu, Research Associate in Global and European Anticorruption Policies, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London
  • Valentina-Andrea Dimulescu, Public Policy Researcher, Romanian Academic Society
  • Ágnes Czibik, Managing Director, Government Transparency Institute, Budapest

When: February 24, 2017 (Friday), 12:00.

Where: Center for the Study of Democracy, Conference Hall, 5 Alexander Zhendov str., Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact: Milena Yordanova, Center for the Study of Democracy, Tel. +359 2 971 3000, Email: