**Call for Papers** The 5th World Sustainability Forum

Submissions are requested for participation on a panel, organized by Claudia Baez Camargo, at The 5th World Sustainability Forum. Deadline for submissions is: 1 April.

Panel title: The elusive search for sustainable anti-corruption strategies: what have we overlooked?

Description: After roughly twenty years since corruption has risen to a prominent place in the agenda of development practitioners, the results achieved in control of corruption outcomes across the global South continue to disappoint. In this panel we will explore different perspectives on why corruption proves so difficult to eradicate, what has been lacking in the current arsenal of so-called “best practices” associated with anti-corruption, and what new and more sustainable anti-corruption measures might look like.

Please send submissions to: Claudia Baez Camargo at: claudia.baez-camargo@baselgovernance.org

Travel and Registration information at: http://www.sciforum.net/conference/wsf-5/page/travel