2015 International Journal of Press/Politics Conference

On September 16th-18th 2015, the Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism will host the first annual International Journal of Press/Politics conference, focused on academic research on the relation between media and political processes around the world. The conference brings together scholars doing internationally-oriented or comparative research on the intersection between news media and politics around the world. It aims to provide a forum for academics from a wide range of different disciplines and countries to discuss the theoretical, methodological, and substantial challenges and opportunities for research in this area.

ANTICORRP Consortium partners from the Università di Perugia will present a paper entitled “Corruption in the press coverage: Audience segmentation and the lack of shared indignation” in the Panel on Contentious Politics and Media Audiences in Transitional Societies. The authors of the paper are Paolo Mancini, Marco Mazzoni, Alessio Cornia and Rita Marchetti, Università di Perugia. In addition, Paolo Mancini will be chairing a Panel on Comparing Media Systems and Cross-National Influences.

You can find the detailed agenda, as well as the list of participants below.

20 08 2015 FINAL IJPP conference programme